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Appearing in Court

If you hire the law offices of William W. Bruzzo, you may never have to appear in court.

On MISDEMEANOR criminal cases most Orange County Superior Courts will allow the lawyer to appear without the client. That means the attorney can appear without the client, enter a plea of not guilty, negotiate the case with the District Attorney and even resolve the case without the client EVER MAKING AN APPEARANCE. One exception to this is Domestic Violence; in Domestic Violence cases even on misdemeanors, the court will require that the client be present on the first court date with the attorney in order to be served with a protective order as required by law. HOWEVER, after the first appearance usually the court does not require the presence of the client. Naturally, in order to avoid going to court the client must FIRST hire an attorney- IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR IN PERSON ON YOUR COURT DATE OR WITHOUT HAVING AN ATTORNEY PRESENT ON YOUR BEHALF A WARRANT CAN ISSUE FOR YOUR ARREST.

Felony cases with few exceptions require the appearance of the client EVERY TIME the case is in court.

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