Assault on a Police Officer

(Penal Code Section 241(b))
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I had an accident in my car and was determined to be twice the legal limit for alcohol. Due to my intoxication level and other facts, I got into an altercation with several police officers. I was then charged with Penal Code Section 69-Resisting and Deterring an Executive Officer, Vehicle Code Section 23152(a)-Driving under the Influence of Alcohol, Penal Code 148(a)-Resisting Arrest/Obstructing Justice, Penal Code Section 241(c)-Assault on a Peace Officer, Penal Code Section 243(b)-Battery on an Officer.
I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me. He had successfully represented me on another minor case. Mr. Bruzzo had me evaluated [Psychologically] and spoke with the Judge and the District Attorney. My total exposure was 1 year in jail.  However, Mr. Bruzzo negotiated a DISMISSAL of all charges except the driving under the influence charge. Also, I must complete 10 days of Cal Trans [No Jail] and informal probation.  I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any case involving Penal Code Sections 148(a), Penal Code Section 69, Penal Code Section 241(c), Penal Code Section 243(b) and Vehicle Code Section 23152(a).

Dated: 11/10/21


I was charged with Penal Code Section 243(b) [Assault on a peace officer] and Penal Code Section 148(a) (1) [Resisting Arrest] for an altercation I got into with police. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me in this matter because of his familiarity with the courts, the judges and the prosecutor. The initial offer was that I plead guilty to the offenses and serve time in jail. However, Mr. Bruzzo continued to negotiate and in the end he got the charges DISMISSED once I pled to a Penal Code Section 415(1), [Disturbing the Peace]. The Agreement also permits me to withdraw the case and dismiss it entirely in 1 year.  As such I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any criminal matter.

Date: 2/8/12


I was charged with Assault on a Peace Officer (Penal Code Section 241(b)); Battery on an Officer (Penal Code Section 243(b)) and Resisting Arrest (Penal Code Section 148(a) (1)). These charges occurred as a result of an altercation I got into with a Police Officer in Orange County. I was looking at up to one year in jail for these offenses. I hired William W. Bruzzo to represent me because of his reputation and his familiarity with the courts in Orange County.  I told Mr. Bruzzo that not only did I not assault the officer in question but that he assaulted me without reason or provocation. I realized that for the most part it would be my word against the officer’s.  Mr. Bruzzo took my case and began investigating the officer by filing motions which requested the personnel records of the officer in question.  The County of Orange fought to keep the records from being revealed but Mr. Bruzzo won in the end.  The personnel records of the officer in question revealed that he had had problems with violence in the past.  Mr. Bruzzo used this information in his negotiations with the District Attorney. In the end, the District Attorney agreed to DISMISS all the charges against me! I am very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo for his work and I would enthusiastically recommend him for any criminal matter.
Date: 1/15/10

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