Possession of Alcohol Under 21 Years of Age
Orange County Criminal Law

Orange County criminal attorney William Bruzzo has successfully defended minor in possession of alchol cases.


I was charged with Possession of Alcohol Under 21 Years of Age (Business and Professions Code [B&P] Section 25662(a)) a misdemeanor offense.  I thought this was a minor charge so I initially represented myself and got the case reduced to an infraction [before I pled guilty]. However, I soon learned that my driver’s license would be suspended for a year and the DMV would probably not give me a restricted license, despite what I was told in court.  I needed to be able to drive to work and school. As such, I hired attorney William W. Bruzzo to represent me because of his familiarity with the courts and prosecutors in Orange County.  Mr. Bruzzo was able to get my guilty plea withdrawn and had me plea guilty to a different infraction WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE A LICENSE SUSPENSION.  As such I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any possession of alcohol under 21 years of age or criminal matter.


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