Parole Hearings


After I served my second term in state prison, I was placed on parole with special conditions. During my parole I became pregnant and while I was almost nine months and close to giving birth I was violated by my parole officer for testing positive on my urine analysis for methamphetamine. This was a direct violation of one of the special terms of my parole and I was facing spending 1 year in state prison. My parole agent and her supervisor were determined to make sure that I stay in prison and have my baby while in prison. While in prison I was not receiving my prescribed medication which was putting my pregnancy and my unborn child in jeopardy. Luckily my father helped me out and retained the Law Offices of William Bruzzo to represent me. Their office immediately contacted the medical personnel at the prison and made sure that I was getting my proper medication. While in custody I was told that my second urine analysis which was taken on the day of my arrest also tested positive for methamphetamines. I thought there was no more hope of getting out. My attorney however immediately scheduled a probable cause hearing, he visited me in custody and we discussed my case. Knowing that most if not almost all parole violations send you back into prison for a long time, I thought it would take a miracle to get me out before my child was due. My attorney convinced the hearing officer that the best thing for me would be a drug treatment program and he got me into Proposition 36! I was released the next day after having served only 13 days in custody! Now my baby will not be born in prison and I can continue with my life.

If it wasn’t for the Law Offices of William Bruzzo I would likely have spent many months in prison and my baby would have been born there. My attorney’s patient and thorough strategy while representing me kept me out of prison and got me the treatment I needed. When I was released, I was supposed to attend a program as required by my parole officer however she was really mad seeing me out and threatened to put me back into prison for changing residences. I went back to the Law Offices of Will Bruzzo and my attorney called my parole agent’s supervisor, convinced them not to throw me back in jail and got me into a drug treatment program with mother infant attention. I am grateful to the Law Offices of Will Bruzzo for keeping me out of prison and helping me convince my parole agent not to send me back to prison. I would highly recommend the services provided by the Law Offices of Will Bruzzo to everyone because of the great, expedient, patient and very professional service I have received.

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