Restraining Order/Temporary Restraining Order

Our neighbor filed a Temporary Restraining Order and Restraining Order against our family claiming that my husband had threatened him with physical violence and harassed him. These claims were false but we had to go to court to prove it to the Judge. We hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent us because of the excellent results he has got on other Restraining Order Cases. Mr. Bruzzo attempted to convince our neighbor to drop the case but he refused. So, Mr. Bruzzo took it to a hearing. Fortunately, we had neutral witnesses who were present when the so called “threats” occurred. Mr. Bruzzo had them ordered to appear at the hearing- they were reluctant to come-but Mr. Bruzzo made sure they testified.
Mr. Bruzzo proved to be very adept in the courtroom as he put on all the witnesses to include me, my husband and the two neutral witnesses. He also cross-examined our neighbor. In the end Mr. Bruzzo won the hearing for us AND he got the court to order our neighbor to pay us some of our attorney fees.
I think this result will teach our neighbor not to make up lies against us and not to abuse the court system with his false allegations.

As such, we would highly recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any Temporary Restraining Order or Restraining Order matter.

Dated: 1-25-13

I was the target of a Restraining Order by some of my neighbors who objected to the way I used my property. Three extremely well funded individuals sought to have me barred from using my property or at least extremely restricted in my use of the land. I thought it was unfair of them to restrict my use of my land. In addition, if they had won the Restraining Order then I would have been designated a violent person under the CLETS law enforcement system.  As such, I hired William W. Bruzzo to represent me in the Orange County Superior Court. I knew Mr. Bruzzo was very experienced in Restraining Order cases.  Mr. Bruzzo went to work defending my case  which resulted in a hearing where various parties testified including myself. Mr. Bruzzo also recommended I bring Restraining Order suits against the same neighbors as their conduct could definitely be described as harassment. Notably, (1) threats of violence, (2) physical violence and (3) Harassment can all be the subject of a Restraining Order.  After many hours of hearings Mr. Bruzzo succeeded in defeating my neighbors and getting their Restraining Order suits against me DISMISSED.  As such, I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for the Defense or Prosecution of any Restraining Order matter.


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You should never go to court without the proper representation. William W. Bruzzo stands ready to represent you in your time of need or your family’s time of need. Will Bruzzo can handle your Orange County restraining order or Orange County temporary restraining order matter.

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