Coronavirus and the Orange County Courts

The Orange County Courts are open on a limited basis for Criminal Cases.

The rules for appearances in court are changing daily.

The Attorney should be able to appear by video or in person for all or most misdemeanors. The client  will not have to be present for most cases.

The courts are also permitting Attorneys to appear by video without the client. This may change and may be decided on a case by case basis. Consult with Mr. Bruzzo about your case (714) 547 4636.


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×Coronavirus and the Orange County Courts: The Criminal Courts are still open. Don’t miss your court date. Let the Attorney appear for you. Free Consult-Call Will Bruzzo at (714) 547 4636.
The courts are still hearing Restraining Orders during the Coronavirus Crisis. Contact Will Bruzzo to seek a Civil Harassment, Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Elder Abuse/Depedentent Adult or Gun Violence Restrainiing Order