Assault/Battery on a Peace Officer

(Penal Code Sections 241(c), 243 (b))

  1. When a Defendant uses force or attempts to use force; AND
  2. the use of force is intentional; AND
  3. the victim was lawfully performing his duties as a Peace Officer/Firefighter; AND
  4. the Defendant knew the victim was a Peace Officer or Firefighter; THEN
  5. the Defendant may be found guilty of Assault/Battery on a Peace Officer/ Firefighter.

Defenses to this Crime

  1. If a Defendant is acting in self-defense then this is a complete defense to this crime even if the person accused knew the victim was a Peace Officer. A claim of self defense may arise if an officer uses excessive force and a person must defend himself to avoid injury to himself or others.
  2. The Defendant must know that the victim is a Peace Officer, so an officer who is not in uniform OR not performing in his regular duties may not qualify as a victim as described by this law.

Practice Note:  A defense of self defense may be difficult to prove since it may come down to the Officer’s word versus the Defendant.

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