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Long Beach Hit and Run cases may be treated differently depending on whether the Long Beach City Prosecutor handles the case or the District Attorney of Los Angeles is dealing with the case. Regardless, civil compromise is still an option. In that situation the client repays the victim for any damages sustained (usually just damage to the vehicle) and then the court dismisses the case. Both the Judge and the victim have to be in agreement for this to happen. Otherwise, a lack of a record, full employment and a family to support may be grounds for dismissal even without a civil compromise.

Hit and Run occurs when someone has an accident and hits another car or any object and then fails to exchange identifying information or insurance information with the owner of the property or fails to notify the authorities of the accident. This is normally charged under Vehicle Code Section 20002(a). Mr. Bruzzo handled one of the most notorious hit and run cases in Long Beach history in People v. Joshua Gasser. Despite the fact the case was charged as a felony and the victim suffered very serious life debilitating injuries Mr. Bruzzo was able to keep Mr. Gasser out of jail.

Long Beach Hit and Run Lawyer Will Bruzzo has managed to get many hit and run cases dismissed. Often times Mr. Bruzzo manages to get the case dismissed by arranging compensation for the victim with the permission of the Judge and the District Attorney. This is called a civil compromise under penal code sections 1377-1378.

Long Beach Hit and Run Lawyer Will Bruzzo can arrange a civil compromise with the investigating Police Officer prior to matter going to court. It is always better to try and resolve the matter as early as possible so if the police officer is amenable to a civil compromise and the victim is also amenable that can stop the matter from proceeding to the District Attorney’s office and this will keep the client’s record clean. Contact the Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo for any hit and run case at (714) 547-4636.

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