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10 Ways a Criminal Record Could Affect Your Life

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When you are young and starting out in life, the future is full of endless possibilities. If you can navigate life well, make good choices, work hard, and keep your head on straight, everything should, in theory, turn out fine. As life goes on, there will undoubtedly be adversity experienced and tough decisions to be made. Anyone could falter and make a mistake. 

If your misstep in life has led you to be arrested and charged with a crime, then it is imperative that you arm yourself with the protection of an attorney. A criminal defense attorney will be looking out for your best interests and may be able to help soften the blow of the repercussions that can come with criminal charges.

In California, our Orange County criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo can help you make the best out of a bad situation and assist you with your criminal case.

Why A Criminal Record is Harmful to Your Future

When a person is convicted of a crime, this alone can cause them to carry around the stigma of being a criminal regardless of whether they are convicted or not. Still, if charged with a crime, the best outcome is to have charges dropped or a case dismissed. When this does not happen, and a conviction results, it is not just fines, probation, or jail time that one has to be concerned about. There are several other widespread damages to one’s future that may be experienced. 

  1. A criminal history can disqualify you from certain types of jobs, like government jobs that require a clearance, some teaching jobs, law enforcement, and more. In addition to jobs that may not consider a person with a criminal background, there are many other positions where a hiring manager may bypass a candidate simply because a background check shows past criminality.
  2. A criminal history could make it very challenging to impossible to secure loans to go to school. Likewise, having a criminal past may also make it difficult to find schools that are willing to accept an applicant with a criminal background.
  3. A criminal history could make it much more challenging to get the funding necessary to start a business.
  4. A criminal history may prevent a person from finding and being approved for affordable housing.
  5. A criminal record that precludes a person from having stable housing could mean that any existing child custody or visitation arrangements may also be negatively impacted.
  6. A criminal record could directly impact the decision of a pending child custody case.
  7. A criminal act resulting in intoxicated driving may lead to a license restriction or suspension.
  8. A criminal history could limit your ability to own a firearm or completely eliminate it.
  9. A criminal history could make punishments for any crimes committed in the future much harsher.
  10. A criminal history could cause others to see you as untrustworthy and cause them to be less open to getting to know you.

Speak to an Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Several unintended consequences can come with a criminal history, which is why it is so important that if you are charged with a crime, you have a skilled attorney representing you who has the resources and experience to help you get a fair outcome.

For help with your case, please call our Orange County criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo at (714) 547-4636 to schedule a free consultation.

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