Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

William W. Bruzzo practices criminal law, in Orange County, California. His familiarity with the Orange County Courts has made a tremendous difference in the outcome of his client's criminal defense cases. Mr. Bruzzo handles all types of criminal law cases, including petty theft and hit and run.

Mr. Bruzzo’s past experience includes 7 years as a Major in the United States Marine Corps where he served as the Commander of a 500 Marine Company in addition to serving as a military attorney. Mr. Bruzzo is an experienced California military lawyer and handles many military law cases in San Diego.

Mr. Bruzzo often works with experienced juvenile law attorney Katie Walsh on matters involving juveniles and victim's rights.

You should never go to court without the proper representation. William W. Bruzzo stands ready to represent you in your time of need or your family’s time of need.

All Criminal Cases including:

Orange County criminal defense attorney with experience in our local courts. Mr. Bruzzo's knowledge makes the difference in your case. You can also read Will's blog.

Please contact Mr. Bruzzo on any criminal matter at (714) 547-4636.

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

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