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How to Defend Yourself Against a Positive Urinalysis in the Military

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A positive drug test when you are in the military is not a minor issue to be taken lightly. When you take a urine drug test as a military member that yields a positive result, you are putting your military career on the line. However, a positive urine drug test does not mean that you will automatically face penalties and that you have no way to defend yourself. You still have rights and options.

One of the most common crimes that military personnel are accused of is a positive result from a urinalysis. Normally, when this happens, it is charged as a special-court martial.

It is imperative to safeguard yourself from the most serious repercussions after a positive drug test. For assistance, you may have an attorney on your side to help you overcome your charges. The Southern California military lawyer at The Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo can provide you with effective and sound legal defense services in this situation. Attorney Bruzzo knows the system and how to obtain the most favorable outcomes in these delicate instances. As a Major in the U.S. military, Attorney Bruzzo has a track record of successfully defending service members in many cases, including against positive drug test results. 

Explaining False Positives for Drug Tests in the Military

It can be a distressing time when you must take a urinalysis, and the test comes back positive. However, if you have good military character, then this can be to your advantage in this situation. Also, there are certain questions that should be asked that can determine the reliability of the results. Some of these include:

  • What was the method that was used to take the sample?
  • How was the sample stored and protected?
  • What lab was used to test the sample, and what procedures did they employ?
  • What were the forensics used to test the sample?

In addition to inquiring more about the process of sample collection and testing, there are other factors that could lead to a positive result, including other acceptable medications that might be in your system. For instance, antihistamines, antibiotics, diet pills, ibuprofen, decongestants, anti-depressants, and many more over-the-counter or lawfully prescribed medications can also trigger a false positive. If it is believed that one of these drugs is what led to your positive urinalysis, then a secondary test may be able to identify those compounds that were in your body.

It is possible that a positive drug test result happened due to errors that were made in the sample collection and storing process or even with testing. Also, it is common to be a service member with a medical condition who has to take legal drugs, which can result in a false-positive urinalysis. In short, positive drug test results could be problematic for many reasons. It is best in these instances to protect yourself by connecting with an attorney who will know what to do and what to look for to support you so you can prove your innocence while avoiding strict penalties. 

Speak to an Orange County Military Attorney Today

It is important to connect with an attorney if a drug test comes back positive. There may be ways to successfully defend against these charges so you will not have to face a court martial. For more information, you are welcome to call the Orange County military defense attorney at The Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo at (714) 547-4636. Initial consultations are complimentary.

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