Unlawful Entry Into a Dwelling


I was charged with Unlawful Entry of a Dwelling [Penal Code Section 602.5(a)], Possession of Burglary Tools [Penal Code Section 466] and Vandalism [Penal Code Section 594(a)/(b)(2)(A). I was looking at up to a year in custody for these offenses.
The trouble started when I went to the apartment of a former spouse at a place I once lived at and where I had property. I had permission to be there in my view but the police still arrested me. Later a warrant went out for my arrest when I did not appear at a court date.
I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me because of his excellent case results which I was able to see on line. Mr. Bruzzo spoke with my former spouse and it was agreed to recommend dismissal of the case if I paid for some minor damage I accidentally caused. Mr. Bruzzo first appeared on the case to recall the warrant so I did not have to worry about being arrested.
Mr. Bruzzo then drafted a civil compromise agreement [Penal Code Sections 1377-1378] which my former spouse signed indicating that payment had been made and she recommended against prosecution. The agreement was then given to the Judge and the case was DISMISSED over the objection of the District Attorney.
Mr. Bruzzo was able to resolve this matter with a dismissal about 30 days after I hired him.
I am very happy with this result and I would recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any Unlawful Entry of a Dwelling [Penal Code Section 602.5(a)], Possession of Burglary Tools [Penal Code Section 466] and Vandalism [Penal Code Section 594(a)/(b)(2)(A) case.

November 21, 2019                                                     


I was charged with vandalism [Penal Code Section594(a)/(b)(1)], unauthorized entry of a dwelling [Penal Code Section 602.5 (a)] and violation of a restraining order [Penal Code Section 166(a)(4). I faced up to [1 year] in jail for these offenses. I hired Attorney William W. Bruzzo to represent me in this matter. The first thing Mr. Bruzzo did was get me out of jail by having me released on my own recognizance-which means that I did not have to pay bail. Then Mr. Bruzzo began to negotiate my case with the DA. In the end he got all charges dismissed after I paid restitution [damages]. As such I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo  for any criminal matter.

September 7, 2011                                                     

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