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I was charged with assault with the intent to rape (Penal Code Section 220(a); False Imprisonment effected by violence (Penal Code Section 236-237); Sexual Battery (Penal Code Section 243.4(a); Injury to a telephone line (Penal Code Section 591); and Annoying or molesting a child (Penal Code Section 647.6(a). I was facing 12 years in prison for these charges. I hired William W. Bruzzo as my attorney because of his familiarity with the Orange County courts and his reputation for being an aggressive, effective attorney. Mr. Bruzzo set to work trying to get the charges dismissed. He was able to get several charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing. Then he filed a motion to dismiss the charges for lack of evidence under penal code section 995. With that motion he got several more charges dismissed. Finally, he set the matter for trial. On the day my trial was set to begin he had one last talk with the district attorney and managed to get all the felonies DISMISSED with credit for time served  WITHOUT GOING TO TRIAL.  Mr. Bruzzo’s knowledge and skill and his willingness to keep fighting for me kept me out of custody, kept me from having to register as a sex offender and otherwise saved my life. As a result I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any criminal matter.

ML                                                                                                      9/21/09

I was charged with rape and facing a very long prison sentence. I needed an experienced attorney who was an excellent trial attorney. I was referred to William W. Bruzzo by another attorney. Mr. Bruzzo set to work defending me and used his knowledge to retain experts for my case and then used them to effectively defend me. Mr. Bruzzo also worked hard to discredit the alleged victim by showing that the injuries to her were from someone who had sex with her after me. Mr. Bruzzo prepared his case well then fought hard every day of trial with the end result that I was found NOT GUILTY OF THE RAPE CHARGE. Without Mr. Bruzzo’s vigorous defense I could have gone to prison for a very long time. I am very grateful to him and I would enthusiastically recommend him for any criminal matter.

GM                                                                                                     Date:11/8/2003

Rape - Orange County Criminal Defense

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