Withdrawal of Guily Plea for Immigration Purposes (Padilla Motion)

I participated in the Penal Code Section 1000 program for a case of drug possession Health and Safety Code Section 11350 [Possession of a Controlled Substance, Cocaine] in 2005; however, I had one failed attempt [at completing the program]. Under Immigration law this made me deportable as I am not a citizen. This is even though I eventually completed the Penal Code Section 1000 class and the case dismissed. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to help me straighten out this situation so I would not be hurt under immigration law. Mr. Bruzzo was able to come up with an argument that permitted the judge to WITHDRAW MY PLEA to the original felony drug charge!   This keeps this case from effecting my immigration status. I am very pleased with this result and I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any motion to withdraw a plea [for immigration purposes] or a similar matter.



I was convicted of a felony in 1995, Attempted Burglary [Penal Code Sections 664-459]. Twenty years later when I was attempting to become a citizen, this conviction stopped me from improving my immigration status. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to help me vacate [remove] the conviction. These motions are very difficult to win, and I spoke to several attorneys before I hired Mr. Bruzzo. Mr. Bruzzo filed the necessary motion [Padilla Motion- Padilla v. Kentucky US Supreme Court] and then argued the matter in court. Mr. Bruzzo WON the motion. My felony plea was withdrawn and the case DISMISSED. This will improve my chances with immigration and I am very grateful for this result. I would recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any similar criminal problem.


Dated: 7-26-13                                                          

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