Driving on a Suspended License
(Vehicle Code Section 14601)

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A person’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons. A driving under the influence conviction can cause a license to be suspended or revoked; too many points (tickets) within a certain amount of time can cause a license to be suspended; failure to appear at court on a traffic ticket or failure to pay a fine on a traffic ticket can cause a person’s license to be suspended.

However, if the District Attorney cannot prove that the client received NOTICE of the suspension then the charge must be dismissed. The DMV can send notice of the suspension to the client, however this does not constitute notice unless the person receiving the letter officially acknowledges receipt of the letter by sending back proof that he received it. Sometimes the DMV will serve notice of a license suspension in person using the police or California DMV personnel. Mr. Bruzzo has been successful helping the clients end the suspension of their license and representing them when they have been charged with driving on a suspended license.

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