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Anaheim is very concerned about violent crime especially around the Disneyland Resort complex. As such, Anaheim Police are ubiquitous at down town Disney when people are watching football games at ESPN zone and drinking alcohol.

Assault refers to anytime a person puts another person in reasonable apprehension of physical harm. For example if someone makes it seem like they are going to punch another person this is an assault because the person was in reasonable belief he might get hit. Assault with a Deadly Weapon occurs when the person puts someone in reasonable apprehension of harm as a result of the individual holding a weapon, which could be a gun, knife, bat or anything which could reasonably be used as a weapon. Notably a person’s vehicle could be considered a weapon under this penal code section.

These charges are normally charged as Penal Code Section 240 and/or Penal Code Section 245(a) (1).

Anaheim Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon Lawyer Will Bruzzo has tremendous experience with these cases to include going to trial and getting full acquittals for his clients. The most common defense to these charges is self defense. This complete defense to the crime requires that the client have used force to reasonably defend himself or another person. If the Prosecution cannot disprove that the client acted in self defense then the client should be found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Anaheim Assault and Assault with a Deadly Weapon Lawyer Will Bruzzo has successfully used self defense to defend his client in assault and assault with a deadly weapon cases.

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