Anaheim Domestic Violence Attorney

All Anaheim Cases heard at the North Justice Center, 1275 N. Berkeley Ave., P.O. Box 5000, Fullerton, CA. 92838

The Anaheim City Attorney has its own family center which deals with victims of domestic violence and their children. Anaheim vigorously pursues domestic violence cases. Notably, with the passage of gay marriage laws, people of the same sex can be charged with domestic violence if they meet all the elements of the crime.

Domestic Violence may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor under penal code section 273.5 or penal code section 243(e)(1). These offenses carry up to one year in jail if filed as a misdemeanor and up to three years in jail if filed as a felony.

Anaheim Domestic Violence Attorney Will Bruzzo has managed to stop many domestic violence cases from being filed by speaking to the District Attorney/City Attorney prior to them filing the case. This may involve getting the victim to sign a declaration indicating that any physical contact was incidental and/or the victim does not want the case pursued for any reason.

If the case does end up in court Anaheim Domestic Violence Attorney Will Bruzzo can persuade the District Attorney/City Attorney to dismiss the case using the same declaration from the victim or attack the credibility of the victim.

Anaheim Domestic Violence Attorney Will Bruzzo has been able to get cases dismissed by demonstrating that the domestic violence incident actually occurred because both parties were hitting each other. This is called mutual combat and can result in the case getting dismissed on the grounds that both parties are at fault.

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