Norwalk Petty Theft Attorney

Norwalk Courthouse 12720 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, CA 90650

The City of Norwalk does not have its own police force and contracts with the Los County Sheriff’s Department. Therefore all arrests in Norwalk are conducted by the Sheriff.

While there is no diversion program in Norwalk for Petty Theft cases, which is the case with all of Los Angeles County, they can still be dismissed. Generally, if you do not have a record and you have otherwise been a good citizen (employed, family) then the prosecuting attorney may agree to dismiss the matter with community service, payment of a fine or other contribution.

Petty Theft occurs when someone takes the property of a store or an individual without their permission with a total value of less then $950.00. This crime is normally charged as Penal Code Section 484-488(a).

Norwalk Petty Theft Attorney William W. Bruzzo has been able to get many of these cases dismissed. This is especially true if the value of the property taken is relatively low.

Norwalk Petty Theft Attorney William W. Bruzzo has been able to get these cases dismissed even when the person has shown they planned to take the property as opposed to an impulsive theft. Petty Theft normally applies only to impulsive non-planned thefts whereas a theft that is planned is charged as a commercial burglary (Penal Code Section 459-460(b)) or Grand Theft (Penal Code Section 487(a)). These two latter charges are more serious offenses and carry more jail time exposure. Contact the Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo for any petty theft case at (714) 547-4636.

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