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I was required to register as a sex offender for a felony offense under Penal Code Section 290 involving a female who was just under 18 years of age. Obviously it was very difficult for me and my family to deal with this situation as my picture was on the internet. I also had to register each year. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to help me get off the registration list. Fortunately, the charge I was convicted of made Penal Code Section 290 registration discretionary for the Judge. Mr. Bruzzo filed a Certificate of Rehabilitation (Penal Code Section 4852.01) with the court and also submitted positive information regarding my personal life. Mr. Bruzzo used my good work history and my excellent reputation in my community to try and convince the Judge to exercise her discretion and order me relieved of sex registration. We went to a hearing at the county court house and Mr. Bruzzo argued my case; the District Attorney argued against relieving me of my registration requirement. After a short hearing the court GRANTED our request and now I no longer have to register. I am very happy with this result and I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any Certificate of Rehabilitation matter. Date: 07/06/15


I was convicted of the criminal charge concerning conspiracy to sell a controlled substance under Health and Safety Code Section 11352 over 20 years ago in an Orange County Superior Court. I was sentenced to three years of formal probation, which I successfully completed, with a suspended state prison term of five years. I was 26 years old at the time and this has been the only criminal offense on my record. I applied to the Respiratory Care Board of California to become licensed as a respiratory therapist, but my application was denied as a result of my criminal record. This cut my salary in half. I was informed that to “clean” my record, I had to do an Expungement, Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon. A Certificate of Rehabilitation is the second step toward a Pardon. Mr. Bruzzo filed a Certificate of Rehabilitation on my behalf, which was GRANTED. Because it was granted, the Certificate of Rehabilitation became an automatic Pardon application. Mr. Bruzzo’s legal knowledge and experience truly benefited me in my case. Date:11/10/09


I was convicted of Penal Code Section 314 in three different criminal cases concerning indecent and lewd acts between 16 and 20 years ago; because of the nature of the charges I was required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code Section 290. I live in fear that others will discover that I am a registrant and that this will effect my family and my ability to work. As such, I hired Attorney William W. Bruzzo to represent me in an effort to clean up my record. Mr. Bruzzo is very experienced in these matters and he informed me that the first step toward cleaning my record is an Expungment, followed by a Certificate of Rehabilitation. He told me that once a Certificate of Rehabilitation is granted that this constitutes an automatic application for a Pardon from the Governor. Once a pardon is granted then I am relieved of my obligation to register and that is the most I can do to clear my record. Mr. Bruzzo then proceeded to prepare my case by getting a psychological evaluation of me, letters of recommendation and other evidence of rehabilitation. He then filed formal motions with the court and the District Attorney; in the end the motions were GRANTED by the court AS TO ALL THREE CASES. The granting of these motions is the final step prior to a full pardon. I truly benefited from the legal knowledge and experience of Mr. Bruzzo and I would recommend him for any criminal matter. Date: 9/28/04


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