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Military Discharge Request

My son and I got into an argument about his future. In a moment of stress and without thinking straight he enlisted in the United States Army. I knew that this was not the right decision for my son as he had joined the Army for all the wrong reasons. After things had calmed down I spoke with my son and he agreed he had made a big mistake by joining. The problem is that he had spoken to the recruiter and signed the contract obligating him for a period of time. With only a few weeks left until he was to go to boot camp I consulted with Attorney Will Bruzzo, a former Major in the United States Marine Corps and a military lawyer. Mr. Bruzzo assured me he could get my son out of the situation since he had not shipped yet and because of the circumstances under which he joined the Army. After hiring Mr. Bruzzo he made contact with the recruiters and sent letters to the recruiting office. Within a week the Army had agreed to release my son from the contract and my son went in and signed the necessary paperwork. He will now be attending college. I am very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo for helping my family in our time of need when my son made an impulsive decision. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any military discharge or similar matter. Date: 9-24-13


I had been in the Navy for about 18 months; while I was on cruise my wife gave birth to our child which I was unable to be present at. That situation bothered me a lot because I thought I should be present for such an important event, however, my commitment to the Navy prevented me from being there. After returning from cruise and being reunited with my family for a few months I was told we were again going out on cruise and I would again be separated for another year from my family. I grew very depressed about this situation and began experiencing panic attacks to the point I no longer though I would be able to effectively do my job. I then consulted with Attorney Will Bruzzo. Mr. Bruzzo is a former Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps and a former Major. Mr. Bruzzo helped me request a voluntary discharge under the Military Personnel Manual Section 1910-120. This section of the separations manual allows you to request a discharge for any legitimate reason to include medical and mental health conditions that do not rise to the level of being eligible for an actual medical discharge. All the services have this provision. After Mr. Bruzzo helped me with the form and we attached my medical records from the military Doctors my Command ended up endorsing my request for separation and sent me to a separations unit. I am very proud to have served in the United States Military but the toll it was taking on my family [and me] was such that I knew I had to get out. I am very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo for his help and I would enthusiastically recommend him for any military discharge matter. Date: 9-19-13


Our son volunteered to join the military. At first he appeared very happy with his decision and seemed to be doing well. However, after he came home from completing initial training we noticed a change in him. It was clear he did not want to return to the military and before long he told us as much. He grew very depressed about the situation. Despite this he returned to his duty but before long it was clear he could not longer continue to serve because of his mental state at the time. He was quite anxious about his situation and we were very concerned about him. At that time we contacted Attorney Will Bruzzo to help us get our son out of his military obligation as he had only begun serving on a multi-year contract. Mr. Bruzzo is a former military lawyer and commander. He immediately contacted my son’s unit and within a matter of days our son was transferred to a separations unit. Several weeks later he was discharged with a discharge characterization that was neutral in nature and would not affect his future. We are very relieved to have our son home as it turned out the military was not the place for him. We are very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo for his efforts and we would enthusiastically recommend him for any similar matter. Date: 1/5/12


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