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Restraining Orders / Temporary Restraining Orders

I hired Will Bruzzo to represent me and my family in a Civil Harassment Restraining Order against a neighbor who we believed was stalking our teenage daughters and prowling around our house at night. We had no direct evidence that it was the neighbor but one of my daughters endured 2 years of hearing things outside her bedroom window and on one occasion saw the silhouette of a man in our backyard only feet from her window. Then, after about two years of my daughter hearing a prowler, a neighbor got arrested for peeking and prowling at a house less than a mile away. He was actually caught on surveillance video at the other residence. While the evidence linking the neighbor to my home was only circumstantial, we knew it was him. We hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent us. Our neighbor was also represented by a lawyer. Mr. Bruzzo proved to be a skilled trial attorney as he introduced witness testimony, surveillance video and photos as well as my testimony to prove that it was our neighbor who had stalked and prowled at my home. We made about 7 appearances in Court to accommodate the Court and Counsel’s schedule. Mr. Bruzzo informed us it was unusual for a case to take that long. Despite the circumstantial evidence the Court GRANTED our request and my neighbor is now RESTRAINED from having any contact with me or my family for THREE YEARS and must stay a proscribed distance from all of us. He will face criminal penalties if he violates the Court Order. Mr. Bruzzo fought hard for my family and we are grateful for his efforts. I would therefore enthusiastically recommend him for any Restraining Order case.


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