I was arrested and charged with a violation of California Penal Code Section 12025(a) (1)/ (b) (6) (Possession of a Concealed Weapon). When the police stopped me the weapon was in the vehicle with me and I also had bullets in the vehicle but they were not in the weapon. I was looking at up to one year in jail for this matter. I hired Attorney William W. Bruzzo who is very experienced in criminal matters to represent me. He set to work researching my case and negotiating with the District Attorney. When the District Attorney refused to dismiss the matter, Mr. Bruzzo aggressively set the matter for trial. This forced the District Attorney to take a hard look at the matter and on the day of trial the case was DISMISSED. Not only did I do no jail but I also will not have to worry about a conviction on my record. In addition, Mr. Bruzzo persuaded the District Attorney to order the Police to release my weapon from their custody. What is more, I NEVER APPEARED IN COURT after hiring Mr. Bruzzo. I truly believe that Mr. Bruzzo’s knowledge of the law, the District Attorney and the court in general was critical to the positive outcome of my case. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any criminal matter. Date: 2/6/05


I was charged with Robbery, Penal Code Section 211/212.5(c) for alleging taking a phone from someone. I was facing up to 5 years in prison for this offense. I hired attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me. Mr. Bruzzo argued with the District Attorney that the facts of the case did not amount to a robbery. When the District Attorney did not listen, Mr. Bruzzo set the matter for a Preliminary Hearing. After the Police Officers testified at the hearing and Mr. Bruzzo cross-examined them, he argued that the case should be dismissed because I did not have the intent to rob the victim. The Judge agreed with Mr. Bruzzo and case was DISMISSED! This is my second time hiring Mr. Bruzzo and I would enthusiastically recommend him for any Penal Code Section 211/212.5(c) case. Date 7-25-19


I took items from a store without paying for them. The Loss Prevention people at the store confronted me at the exit of the store. They claimed that I fought with them and did not abandon the stolen property. As a result I was charged with two counts of felony Robbery (Penal Code Section 211), one for each Loss Prevention Officer I allegedly fought with. I was also charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance (Health and Safety Code Section 11550) and False Identifying Information to a Peace Officer (Penal Code Section 148.9) and keeping lost property without permission (Penal Code Section 485). I was looking at a maximum of about 7 years in prison for these offenses. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me. Mr. Bruzzo was recommend by another lawyer who is also a friend. Mr. Bruzzo demanded certain items from the prosecution to include a video tape of the alleged struggle between me and the loss prevention people. When the Prosecution said the video was “lost”, Mr. Bruzzo threatened to file a special motion to dismiss the matter. In the end, the Robbery Charges [Penal Code Section 211], the Under the Influence Charge [Health and Safety Code Section 11550], the False Identification to a Peace Officer [Penal Code Section 148.9] were all DISMISSED. I pled guilty to misdemeanor Petty Theft, Misdemeanor Battery Charges and Misdemeanor Keeping Lost property, with credit for time served [8 days]. I am very happy with this result and grateful. Date 2-23-16


I was charged with Penal Code Section 211 [robbery], a felony. [Robbery in this case was taking items from a store without paying for them by force or fear; this carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison] Mr. Bruzzo got this charge dismissed and instead I pleaded to a misdemeanor disturbing the peaces [Penal Code Section 415] and an infraction [Penal Code Section 490.1]. I was given no probation and no jail time. Mr. Bruzzo’s vast experience got me a favorable result in my case. Date: 4-13-10


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“I was pulled over for not having license plates on my car. The reason for that was because it was new. When the Officer pulled me over, he claims to have smelled marijuana and he began to ask me questions. I admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the...


“I was arrested and charged with Penal Code Section 273.5(a) [Domestic Violence with Traumatic Injury]. Unfortunately, some of my actions were caught on video. In addition, an infant was present during the incident. My family hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to...


“I was charged with two counts of Vehicle Code 23109.1 [Engaging in a Speed Contest Causing Specified Injury] as a felony; two counts of Vehicle Code 23105(a) [Reckless Driving Causing Specified Injury], one count of Penal Code Section 368(b)(1) [Elder and...


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