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Terrorist Threats

I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (Penal Code Section 245(a)(1), Criminal Threats (Penal Code Section 422(a) and Brandishing a Weapon (Penal Code Section 417(a)(1). I was looking at up to 8 years in custody for these offenses. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent in this matter because of his familiarity with the Orange County Courts and the good results he has gotten in previous cases on similar charges. Mr. Bruzzo spoke with the District Attorney and the Judge on my case. In the end he got the Criminal Threats REDUCED to a misdemeanor and then he got me sentenced [under the rules] of Veteran’s Court on the case. This means I do NO JAIL while I attend a program at county expense. Also, when I successfully complete the program ALL THE CHARGES will be DISMISSED and MY RECORD SEALED. Mr. Bruzzo was able to get this deal despite considerable evidence against me. I am very happy with this result and I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any similar case or assault with a deadly weapon case. Date: 9-25-13


I was charged by the police with Penal Code Section 459-460(b) [Commercial Burglary] for taking about $200.00 of property from a store without permission. I admitted that I came to the store to steal the items when I spoke with the loss prevention people in the store. I was very concerned that if I got convicted of the this offense it would ruin my future career. I hired attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me because of his familiarity with the Courts, Judges and District Attorney in the County of Orange. Mr. Bruzzo made several appearances in court without me. In the end he managed to get the case DISMISSED once I completed community service and gave DNA. I never pled guilty, I never took a class, I don’t have a conviction. What is remarkable about this result is that I had a co-defendant who did not have a lawyer but I was equally responsible for the theft with her. She ended up admitting guilt and I did not. Therefore I am very grateful for Mr. Bruzzo’s work and I would highly recommend him for any theft, burglary or criminal matter. Date: 4/29/13


I was charged with Penal Code Section 245(b) (Assault with a semiautomatic firearm), Penal Code 422 Section (Terrorist Threats) and Penal Code Section 12031(a)(1) and (a)(2)(B) (Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public); I faced a maximum of 15 years in prison for these offenses. However, I hired William W. Bruzzo to represent me as he is familiar with the Orange County courts. Mr. Bruzzo conducted an investigation into this matter and then negotiated with the District Attorney. In the end Mr. Bruzzo got the Penal Code Sections 245(b) and 422 DISMISSED by the District Attorney; this was very fortunate because I would have had a strike on my record but for the dismissal of the Terrorist Threats charge. I had to plea guilty to carrying a loaded weapon because I had confessed it to a police officer. For this conviction I was sentenced to 6 months of jail; however, Mr. Bruzzo requested a stay on the jail sentence which gave me time to apply for HOME CONFINEMENT. Although it is very rare for someone with my charges to qualify for home confinement Mr. Bruzzo spoke personally with the people in charge of the home confinement program. In the end they gave me 6-months of home confinement instead of jail. I truly believe that Mr. Bruzzo’s knowledge of the law, the District Attorney and the court in general was critical to the positive outcome of my case. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any criminal matter. Date: 9/21/04


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