Things You Need To Know About Your Criminal Case

Will Bruzzo has practiced Criminal Law for over 20 years. He is the “local guy” in the Orange County courts. His familiarity with the Judges and the District Attorney permits him to get better results for his clients.

Even though you were arrested, charged, given a court date and required to pay bail your case may NEVER GO TO COURT. This is because a skilled Defense Attorney like Mr. Bruzzo may be able to convince the District Attorney not to file the case. This is especially true of Domestic Violence cases. Mr. Bruzzo has obtained sworn statements from victims in Domestic Violence cases and shown them to the District Attorney. These statements have revealed problems with the case and on many occasions has caused the District Attorney to decline to file the case. As a result the case never went to court! Mr. Bruzzo has done this on other types of cases as well.

Before going to court you need to speak with Mr. Bruzzo so he can prepare you for your first court date. If your case is a misdemeanor you may not need to appear in court. However, if your misdemeanor case is a domestic violence or child abuse case or any other case requiring a restraining order then your appearance at the first date may be required.

Also, the District Attorney may require bail on your case. Mr. Bruzzo can prepare to argue against the court setting bail with the Judge and spare you the costs of bail. On the other hand, Mr. Bruzzo can have a reputable bail bondsman available to submit a bail bond if necessary.

Some cases involving drugs and alcohol may benefit if the client begins counseling and/or rehabilitation. This can have a very beneficial effect on cases where jail time is required by law like second, third and fourth driving under the influence cases. The reason for this is that Judges may count time in a program as jail time! This permits the client to get treatment and spared him/her jail time. Mr. Bruzzo has successfully worked out many cases where the client went into treatment instead of jail.

Before you go to court consult with Mr. Bruzzo so you are in the best possible position to get the optimal result on your case. Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo, (714) 547 4636.

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