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Understanding the Nuances: Civil Harassment Restraining Orders vs. Restraining and Protective Orders 

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In the realm of legal protection, restraining orders play a crucial role in safeguarding individuals from harm, harassment, or potential threats. In Orange County, our California criminal defense lawyer at Bruzzo Law works with our clients seeking such protection and may encounter two distinct types of orders: Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (CHRO) and Restraining and Protective Orders (RPO). It is imperative to comprehend the differences between these two legal instruments, as they serve distinct purposes and are governed by separate legal provisions.

What is the Purpose of a Restraining Order? 

If you are facing harassment, threats of violence, or actual acts of violence, a restraining order may be the best option for you. A restraining order has the force of law, and a violation of such an order from the court can cause the offender to be charged criminally. 

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (CHRO)

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders are designed to protect individuals from harassment, violence, or credible threats that are not related to domestic violence. These orders are typically sought by individuals who are not in a close relationship, such as neighbors, co-workers, or strangers. Common scenarios involving CHROs include stalking incidents, verbal threats, or persistent unwanted communication.

To obtain a CHRO in Orange County, the petitioner must demonstrate to the court that they have suffered harassment and that there is a genuine and reasonable fear for their safety. The legal process involves filing a petition, attending a court hearing, and presenting evidence to substantiate the claims of harassment. Once granted, a CHRO can impose various restrictions on the respondent, including maintaining a specified distance, ceasing communication, or refraining from specific actions that may be causing harassment.

Restraining and Protective Orders (RPO)

On the other hand, Restraining and Protective Orders in Orange County are broader in scope and encompass various types of protective orders, including those related to domestic violence. These orders are typically sought by individuals who have a close relationship with the alleged abuser, such as spouses, domestic partners, or family members. RPOs can address not only harassment but also physical abuse, threats of violence, and other forms of misconduct within the context of a domestic relationship.

The process of obtaining an RPO involves filing a petition, attending a court hearing, and providing evidence of the need for protection. Once granted, an RPO can include provisions that restrict the alleged abuser’s contact, mandate them to stay away from the petitioner’s residence or workplace, and even establish temporary custody arrangements in cases involving children.

Reach Out Today 

Navigating the legal landscape of restraining orders can be complex, and individuals seeking protection or defending against allegations should seek the guidance of experienced legal professionals. Our Orange County Restraining Order Lawyers play a pivotal role in assisting clients throughout the legal process, ensuring their rights are protected, and presenting a compelling case in court.

In Orange County, individuals seeking legal protection through restraining orders must distinguish between Civil Harassment Restraining Orders and Restraining and Protective Orders. While CHROs address harassment from non-intimate relationships, RPOs encompass a broader range of protective measures within the context of domestic relationships. Contact Bruzzo Law in Orange County, California, today for help navigating these legal processes effectively and ensuring the best possible outcome in matters of personal safety and well-being.

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