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The City of Bellflower contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff for police services. The Sheriff actually for Bellflower actually operates out of Lakewood. This means that drunk driving arrests and checkpoints are conducted by the Sheriff. Bellflower Driving under the influence cases require that the Prosecutor show the Defendant was driving with a blood alcohol level above a .08 or was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it impaired his/her driving. Impairment means the alcohol caused the Defendant to drive without the requisite care of a reasonable sober person. The driver has a choice of a blood or breath test; urine is no longer an option. Refusal to take a breath or blood test can result in a 1 year suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles on a first time Drunk Driving case.

It should be noted that for a check point Drunk Driving arrest to be valid it must operate on neutral criteria for stopping a vehicle such as stopping every car or every other car.

Some driving under the influence cases can be reduced to reckless driving under Vehicle Code Section 23103 per Vehicle Code Section 23103.5; normally, this happens when the blood alcohol level is low or there is a good argument for a rising blood alcohol level. An experienced lawyer like Bellflower DUI Lawyer Will Bruzzo can see whether this option is a possibility for the client. Mr. Bruzzo has even managed to get drunk driving cases that involved accidents reduced to reckless driving offenses.

Driving Under the Influence can be charged under Vehicle Code Sections 23152(a) and 23152 (b). Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) prohibits anyone driving under the influence of any amount of drugs or alcohol that impairs their driving. Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) prohibits anyone driving with a blood alcohol level above .08.

Bellflower Driving under the Influence Lawyer Will Bruzzo has successfully represented many clients on drunk driving charges to include winning at trial. Mr. Bruzzo was able to get a case dismissed after trial despite the fact the client had a .15 blood alcohol level (almost twice the legal limit) and an accident.

Bellflower Driving under the Influence Lawyer Will Bruzzo has successfully represented clients at the DMV Hearing which accompanies every drunk driving case. The DMV hearing is significant because it is that hearing which determines whether the person’s license gets suspended or not. Each person has 10 days following the arrest to contact the DMV and get a hearing. A first time drunk driving conviction results in a four month suspension but the person can get a restricted license which permits driving to/from work after only 30 days; a second time drunk driving offense conviction results in a 1 year suspension, but the driver can get a restricted license after 90 days if they put an ignition interlock device (IID) on their steering wheel which requires them to breathe into it before it starts. If you hire Mr. Bruzzo he will make arrangements for the hearing himself.

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