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In Bellflower a simple battery occurs when someone strikes someone else without their consent and is usually charged as a misdemeanor. A felony battery or one with great bodily injury simply indicates there is a battery with serious injury (laceration requiring stitches, broken bones). Penal Code Section 243 covers felony batteries; Penal Code Section 242 covers Misdemeanor batteries. A felony battery can carry four years or more in prison while a misdemeanor battery carries a maximum of 6 months.

A battery can be as minor as a shove or as serious as putting someone in a coma.
Battery occurs when someone actually hits someone else without their consent. A fight in a bar where one person punches another would be a battery. A battery can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. The District Attorney usually decides on a misdemeanor or a felony based on the degree of injury of the victim. The more serious the injury the more likely it will be filed a felony. Generally a broken bone, laceration requiring stitches or other similar type of injury or worse will result in a felony filing.

Bellflower Battery Attorney Will Bruzzo has successfully defended many battery cases. The most common defense to these charges is self defense. This complete defense to the crime requires that the client have used force to reasonably defend himself or another person. If the Prosecution cannot disprove that the client acted in self defense then the client should be found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Bellflower Battery Attorney Will Bruzzo has successfully used the defense of self defense to defend his clients. In one case, Mr. Bruzzo’s client was actually the first one to throw a punch which caused the victim to go into a coma when he hit the pavement. Despite the fact that Mr. Bruzzo’s client threw the first punch, Mr. Bruzzo was still able to effectively use Self Defense by showing that his much smaller client, reasonably thought he was about to get hit and so he acted preemptively in hitting first. The Defendant may strike first if he is acting in self defense. The client was acquitted of all charges and walked free. See People v. Mark Vasquez.

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