Community Courts of Orange County

All Community Courts are located in the same court house at 909 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, CA. 92701. They include Homeless Court, Mental Health Court and Veteran’s Court.

Mental Health Court: For individuals charged with crimes who suffer from significant mental health issues mental health court may be an option for them. This court requires the individual to plea guilty to the offense(s) charged. The individual must then follow the course of treatment prescribed by the court. The great thing about mental health court is that if the person completes the course of treatment then all charges are DISMISSED. Usually this program takes anywhere from 18 months to two years depending on the person’s ability to finish the program. In addition to counseling and psychiatric assessments provided by the mental health court team, the individual must make regular appearances in front of the Judge and show progress in their course of treatment. Attorney Will Bruzzo has successfully placed clients in this specialized court. Please contact him at (714) 547-4636 for more information.

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×Coronavirus and the Orange County Courts: The Criminal Courts are still open. Don’t miss your court date. Let the Attorney appear for you. Free Consult-Call Will Bruzzo at (714) 547 4636.
The courts are still hearing Restraining Orders duuring the Coronavirus Crisis. Contact Will Bruzzo to seek a Civil Harassment, Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Elder Abuse/Depedentent Adult or Gun Violence Restrainiing Order