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Missing Women’s Husband Injured Evading Sheriff
Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo

The husband of a missing woman has been arrested under suspicion of murder. David Viens was arrested as he recuperates from the injuries he received last week when he jumped off a cliff. He was trying to evade Sheriff’s deputies in Rancho Palos Verdes where the height of the cliff was 80 feet. Today officials…

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The McStay Family Mystery
Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo

There has been new information on the possible whereabouts of the McStay family. The four members including two young boys have been missing for three months. Their Fallbrook home had no evidence of their whereabouts or why they left. They have not contacted their relatives or family since early February. Michael McStay, Joseph McStay’s brother,…

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Missing Orange County Man Presumed Dead
Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo

Police still do not have any suspects or new information surrounding the disappearance of 81 year old Robert Merle Harrod of Placentia in Orange County, California. He was last seen by his son in law on July 27, 2009. Harrod left his glasses and car at his house. Jeff Michael, Harrod’s son-in-law, had been doing…

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Client Reviews

“I was pulled over for not having license plates on my car. The reason for that was because it was new. When the Officer pulled me over, he claims to have smelled marijuana and he began to ask me questions. I admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the...


“I was arrested and charged with Penal Code Section 273.5(a) [Domestic Violence with Traumatic Injury]. Unfortunately, some of my actions were caught on video. In addition, an infant was present during the incident. My family hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to...


“I was charged with two counts of Vehicle Code 23109.1 [Engaging in a Speed Contest Causing Specified Injury] as a felony; two counts of Vehicle Code 23105(a) [Reckless Driving Causing Specified Injury], one count of Penal Code Section 368(b)(1) [Elder and...


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