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While the law does not change from court to court in California, how it is implemented and how the local authorities handle certain cases does change according to the location of the court. For example, Orange County offers a Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ) program for many minor crimes but other counties do not have such a program. In the City of Los Angeles, the City Attorney will not even file certain criminal cases if the person attends a class offered by the City. However, elsewhere in Los Angeles County such programs do not exist.

Second time Driving Under the Influence Cases require jail time. The law says that the person must serve 96 hours in jail. However, in Orange County neither the court nor the District Attorney will offer less than 45 days jail on a second time Driving Under the Influence case. While this may seem very harsh many Orange County jurisdictions allow electronic confinement which means that although the person is sentenced to jail he/she never actually spends a day in jail, instead they wear an electronic device the size of a wallet on their leg which is invisible below pants and never spend a day in jail.

Conversely, in some Los Angeles Jurisdictions the court and the District Attorney may permit the person to serve their sentence by going to jail for two weekends (96 hours) or they may also permit home confinement.

In Riverside County, they now offer Deferred Entry of Judgement programs on many different types of crimes, although they were one of the last Southern California counties to start offering the program. On second time Driving Under the Influence offenses, Defendant’s must report to the City of Banning in person to apply for home confinement.

As a result it is very important that the attorney you hire is familiar with the court you are ordered to appear in. Will Bruzzo is very familiar with the Courts and District Attorney listed below. Contact him to get a free consult. Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo (714) 547 4636.

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