Every time a client hires Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent him in a criminal matter Mr. Bruzzo starts out with the goal of getting the case DISMISSED. Having worked as a criminal defense attorney for over 20 years Mr. Bruzzo is only too familiar with the burden a criminal conviction carries in terms of finding a job or just living one’s life, to say nothing of the effect of jail time.
While not every case can be dismissed, Mr. Bruzzo works tirelessly to ensure the best possible result for each client. Mr. Bruzzo’s familiarity with the Judges and the District Attorneys in Orange County plays a significant role in the excellent results he gets for his clients.

Clearly it is cheaper and less emotionally difficult for the client to resolve a case and dismiss the matter without going to trial; however, if the matter cannot otherwise be dismissed and if Mr. Bruzzo believes that there is an excellent chance of success by taking the matter to trial he will not hesitate to recommend that to the Client. Mr. Bruzzo has amassed excellent trial results on everything from relatively less serious cases like Drunk Driving to more serious cases where the client was facing a potential life sentence. Notably, very few criminal cases actually go to trial, most resolve without ever going before a jury.

Mr. Bruzzo became a criminal defense attorney because he enjoys the combative nature of criminal defense, whether it’s in an actual jury trial situation or in negotiations trying to get the best deal for his client. They say that those who enjoy their job are the best at it. Mr. Bruzzo falls into that category. The Testimonials that follow from numerous clients organized by type of crime are testament to that.

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